Lawn Care in Massapequa

Not sure where to start on taking care of your lawn? Organic Solutions is here to help! Our team of professionals is knowledgeable about the unique needs of each type of tree or shrub you may have in your yard. 

Tree and Shrub Care in Massapequa

Taking care of your trees and shrubs is essential to optimizing your curb appeal and lawn. Each type of tree and shrub requires a different approach and level of expertise to ensure they remain healthy and continue to thrive. Here at Organic Solutions, we have designed a program that optimizes plant health. With over 25 years of experience in Massapequa, we will utilize our expertise to develop a tree and shrub plan that works best for your lawn’s needs. 

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Are your trees and shrubs starting to turn yellow, or has their growth stunted? These are signs that they may require fertilizer. Fertilizer helps promote healthy growth and vibrant colors on your trees and shrubs. Determining the correct amount and type of fertilizer often requires the help of a professional. Organic Solutions has the best fertilization professionals in Massapequa, with years of experience and dedication to the local community. Our fertilizers are custom-made depending on the types of plants you have, ensuring they get the nutrients they need. 

The benefits of fertilization include: 

  • Enhancing tree and shrub root systems 
  • Healthy plant growth 
  • Vibrant colors and improved appearance 

Core Aeration

Has your lawn started to look yellow and patchy? Even with normal wear and tear on your lawn, the soil becomes compacted and may not be able to absorb the necessary nutrients. Core aeration works to improve the health of your lawn by removing small plugs of soil to allow for air and water flow. Our core aeration services at Organic Solutions will help revitalize your lawn back to being healthy and flourishing! 

Core aeration can help your lawn by:

  • Strengthening its root system 
  • Reducing water runoff
  • Encouraging grass growth 
  • Protecting against lawn diseases 

Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control in Massapequa

Whether they are inside your home or outside on your lawn, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are not the best houseguests. These pesky insects are not only annoying but also are known carriers of various dangerous diseases that can be harmful to both your family and pets. Organic Solutions takes these insect infestations seriously and will work diligently to keep you safe. Instead of spraying everything unnecessarily, we target the areas of most concern. 

Organic’s mosquito, flea, and tick control services in Massapequa include:

  • Consultation with our Licensed Pesticide Applicator to determine the areas of most concern.
  • Personalized treatment according to areas of concern. 
  • Perimeter treatment to prevent pests from entering your home.

Tree and shrub care is one of our specialties here at Organic Solutions. We strive to provide you with the best service possible whether it’s fertilization or core aeration. Our team is made up of experts that can effectively address the unique needs of your lawn and give you the results you deserve! We have been in the business for over 25 years and continue to stay committed to the Massapequa community.