About Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn, Inc.

Organic Solutions was formed in 1991 to give our neighbors a safe, honest option for tree and shrub care services - and we’ve only gotten better with time! We’ve built our business through word of mouth, so you likely know one of our satisfied customers.

Give us a call if you’d like to learn more! We’re always here to answer your questions, walk you through our treatment options, and get you on track to healthier ornamentals.

Working With the Experts

The owner of Organic Solutions, Angelo, was born for this business. His father was in the lawn business, and a fascinated young Angelo loved to help him whenever he had the chance!

When he was older, with a clear mission and path in life, Angelo went to school for Ornamental Horticulture at Farmingdale. He learned everything there was to know about plant life.

After graduating, Angelo started landscaping. Since 1991, he’s used his extensive knowledge to target his clients' tree problems with precision and efficiency. There’s a reason Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn has been built mainly through word-of-mouth: Results.

Our expertise has kept us in business for over 30 years, and we continue to learn more every day and stay on top of all the latest industry advances.

5 Star Review

I’ve been using Organic Solutions for many years. They are absolutely one of the best companies out there that sincerely care about your trees, shrubs, and plants.

They are super responsive at returning your calls very quickly.

If the rating of stars were 10 I would have checked them off.


5 Star Review

We have been using Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn for years for both shrub pest prevention and more recently for mosquito prevention and both services have been great. They let you know when they are coming and they back of their service by making sure the products work and will come back if they don't the first time. There are multiple Organic Solutions product providers on Long Island but these guys are the best and their value is much better than most. I highly recommend them.

Eric Prengel
5 Star Review

Easy, reliable, & great product couldn’t ask for more. Highly recommend

Christopher Brennan